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4 Benefits of Sydan's New York Divorce and Family Law Document Assembly Software

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The sheer number of documents that you need for a particular case, and the mind-numbing repetition of words, phrases, and basic client and case information that you need to add to all of those documents takes up hours and hours of your valuable time that you cannot bill for, spend on client development, or use for your mental and physical health.

Our document assembly software lets you and your staff quickly and easily create and edit all the Supreme and Family Court documents that you need for your matters. This allows you to provide services to your clients faster, at a lower cost, and with fewer costly and embarrassing errors.

Here are four (4) benefits of using Sydan software. You will see how it can increase your firm’s revenue and profits, and how it will let you serve more clients and do it better than before.

1. Save Time

Sydan produces documents up to 90% faster than if you do it the traditional way—copy and paste, find and replace, etc. It’s so much faster and easier to select a document—or 5, or 10 at once, click a button and produce all of them at the same time, than it is to find one from the last case you needed it for, open it in Word, save a copy to the file, and then type in or copy the information you need into that document.

Our system lets you quickly print out copies of your documents by instantly merging them with the client and case information you enter once—and only once. So, if you already have the index or docket number, Court information, client and case information, adversary information, and other such items, you can instantly create new documents with all of that data inserted in the right place, and the right time, and with no errors.

2. Earn More

Spending far less time on document creation and data entry leaves you more time to spend actually practicing law and serving your clients. In other words, more billable time at higher rates. Or more time marketing and generating new clients or new matters from your existing clients. It also lets you earn a larger profit on fixed fee work or earn a profit on some lower cost work that you could not normally afford to handle at all.

3. Reduce Costly and Embarrassing Errors

The cost of an error in one of your documents can be substantial: a malpractice claim, and ethics complaint, a loss of a fee, or damage to your hard-earned reputation.

When you have multiple copies of a document and multiple versions of those copies, you increase the chances of making an error and repeating it over and over again throughout your documents. Worse, you might find and fix one mistake but not all of the instances of it in the other documents.

4. Life is Easier. This is Good

One special benefit of our software is that it lets you, your staff, and even your clients enter basic client, case, and other information by answering a series of simple questions. Once that information exists in our system, it can be saved and used over and over again in multiple forms on multiple occasions and in different situations.

For instance, many documents require the same basic facts: client names, child names, addresses, marriage date and location, etc. Sydan 'remembers' all of this and can place it in the right place in the document every single time. This eliminates the risk of human error that can happen using the typical "cut and paste" system so many of you have relied on for decades.

And you no longer have to look for and retype the same basic facts over and over again, or, even worse, call or email your client and ask for something you know you already have, and he or she knows they already sent you! These kinds of things are bad for your reputation, your relationship with your client, and ultimately your bottom line.

If you are interested in learning more about how our New York Divorce and Family Court software can benefit you and your practice, please visit us here.

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