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Personal Injury &
Medical Malpractice

Running a plaintiff's side practice is all about speed and efficiency. Time is money. We get that.  This document set helps you get a lot done in a short time.  You can more easily match the speed at which insurance defense firms and the government grind out documents, pleadings, and motions. Best of all, you can do all of this without taking on salary and other fixed expenses. 


Once information is entered anywhere in the system or at any point during the case, it is automatically placed everywhere it is needed in any form that is required. No more having to type names, addresses, and other basic information dozens of times throughout the course of a case. 

Our personal favorite: create complete notices of claim for New York state, and every city, county, town, and village in the state. In under 10 minutes. Honest. We also do this for municipal corporations such as the MTA and the Health & Hospital Corporation.  We don't think any other company offers anything like this. If we are wrong, let us know!

Runner up: Generate HIPPA forms, employment authorizations, education releases, banking/financial authorizations, and tax return releases (state and federal). Even better: you can do 1 at a time or several in a row. 


Third place: fill in a client retainer, OCA statements, and OCA closing statements in minutes. Better still: the information the client gives you in during their initial interview--in person or online--goes right into the system and creates these forms too. 

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