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Divorce & Family Law

The amount of paperwork needed to process a divorce is out of control.  Sydan makes the entire process simpler, faster, and more accurate for you and your clients. Once information is entered anywhere in the system or at any point during the case, it is automatically placed everywhere it is needed in any form that is required. No more having to type names, addresses, and other basic information dozens of times throughout the course of a case. 

Our favorite feature: Automatically tracks and changes the roles of your client and the other side in their different Supreme and Family Court cases. Respondent in a child-support case and Plaintiff in Supreme? Or Petitioner in a custody petition and Respondent in a support case? All taken care of for you. 

Runner up: Changes and updates all of your documents, pleadings, motions, and other forms when the other side changes lawyers, or goes pro se, or switches back again. And, again. 


Third place: a full featured Net Worth form that does all of the required calculations.

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