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Estate Planing

The business and client service aspects of estate planning are textbook examples of the value of efficient production. The time it takes to create professional documents directly affects how well (fast) you can serve your clients, and the fee you can earn.

When your client wants a simple, basic, set of documents, you have to be able to draft them easily and quickly. If you cannot, you are essentially compelled to spend valuable billable time on a low value, low fee task, or decline the work and possible impact your relationship with that client and their contacts and referrals. 

Our document set lets you assemble the basic New York State estate planning materials in a highly efficient and professional manner. 

Estate Planning Documents

  1. Last Will & Testament

  2. Simple Revocable Trust

  3. HIPPA Authorization

  4. Power of Attorney

  5. Revocation of Power of Attorney

  6. Health Care Proxy

  7. Living Will

  8. DNR Order

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