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Save Time and Earn More with Automated Legal Forms

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Paperwork "is" " your law firm. Pleadings must be, well, pled, and agreements have to be written before you can close the deal. But the reality of a law practice is that most of this preparatory document drafting work is mind numbingly tedious.

If you’ve ever wanted or hoped that your winning argument or sophisticated contract would just leap from your mind to the page-or screen-then our automated legal forms may just be the solution you have been waiting for.

Three benefits of properly and professionally designed automated legal forms

  • Have client conversations once

The power of automated legal forms is that they let you, your staff, and even your clients enter basic client, case, and deal information by answering a series of simple questions. Once that information exists in your form software, it can be saved and used over and over again in multiple forms on multiple occasions and in different situations.

For instance, many documents require the same basic facts: names, dates, places, and numbers. The software 'knows' all of this and can place it in the right place in the form every single time. This eliminates the risk of human error that can happen using the typical "cut and paste" system so many of us have relied on for decades.

And you no longer have to look for and retype the same basic facts over and over again, or, even worse, call or email your client and ask for something you know you already have, and he or she knows they already sent you! These kinds of things are bad for your reputation, your relationship with your client, and ultimately your bottom line.

  • Project a Superior Written Appearance & Avoid Costly Mistakes

Professionally designed automated legal forms allow you to set a style and format for all of your firm's documents, so that they look like they all came from the same, well-organized firm. Anyone creating a document can be confident that he or she is complying with your firm standards, using your preferred language, and that the form is correct and accurate.

Automated forms also reduce the risk of costly and embarrassing mistakes. A complaint that was copied from a previous client's file accidentally includes the old client's name in some places. Won't happen. A discovery demand or response which mistakenly names your client as the plaintiff (you are the defendant in this one). Never again. The forms 'know' who is who and what is what once you tell them the first time. They don't forget. This cuts down on the amount of time you and your staff waste every day finding and fixing errors. Eliminating all of this unnecessary proofreading saves valuable time that can be used to do more important things like bill more time and get new clients.

  • Work on One Version. And Only One Version

Automated legal forms also prevent version proliferation. They let your team work on a single document, and they also keep track of who/what/when happened to the document in case that is ever needed or becomes an issue for your or your client. You no longer have to deal with everyone involved in the matter downloading their own copy of a document, and then making changes that must be collected, assembled, and edited in a master copy.

Better still, because all of your client's specific information is already in the system, anyone working on it will have access to all of the data instantly and in one place. No more wasted time and effort looking it up for the third time.

Explore What's Possible

Start looking into professionally designed automated legal forms today. The ones that are professionally written, formatted, and coded for your practice area and your jurisdiction. Like ours.

In addition to saving time and earning more money, using our forms can also improve the work atmosphere at your office. By reducing or eliminating the drudgery that comes with manually creating the same documents over and over again, some people become happier and easier to work with. This can eventually lead to happier clients, and happier clients are better for business in so many ways.

If you are interested in exploring how our form sets can benefit you and your practice, please visit us here.

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