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Federal Civil Practice

Federal civil practice is often very, very, different from state Court in theory and in practice. One of the major differences is that the pleadings, motions, and other documents have their own particular requirements. They are also unique in some respects and do not have a state Court analog.


Our federal civil court documents are designed and formatted to meet these particular needs and requirements. This will allow you to focus on the facts of your case and the law you need to apply, all without the need to spend time and effort trying to figure out if you have the right form or the correct language.

  1. Client Intake Form

  2. Retainer Agreement

  3. Consent to Change

  4. Notice of Appearance

  5. Adjournment Letter-Motion, Conference, Hearing, Trial

  6. Adjournment Stipulation-Motion, Conference, Hearing, Trial

  7. General All-Purpose Stipulation

  8. Extension of Time to Answer-Letter

  9. Extension of Time to Answer-Stipulation

  10. Summons & Complaint

  11. Civil Cover Sheet

  12. Answer

  13. Reply

  14. D&I Demand

  15. D&I Response

  16. Deposition Notice

  17. Interrogatories-Demand

  18. Interrogatories-Response

  19. Expert Witness Demand

  20. Expert Witness Response

  21. Notice to Admit

  22. Notice to Admit Response

  23. Authorization-Education Records

  24. Authorization-Employment Records

  25. Authorization-Financial Records

  26. Authorization-IRS

  27. Authorization-New York State Taxes

  28. Authorization-Pension & Retirement

  29. HIPPA Form

  30. Notice of Motion/Cross-Motion-Make A Motion

  31. Order to Show Cause

  32. TRO Notice Letter

  33. Client Affidavit or Declaration

  34. Attorney Affirmation or Declaration

  35. Memorandum of Law

  36. Notice of Settlement/Notice of Entry

  37. Jury Trial Demand

  38. Subpoena-Documents Only

  39. Subpoena-Documents and Testimony

  40. General Release

  41. Notice of Discontinuance

  42. Stipulation of Discontinuance

  43. Notice of Appeal 

  44. Appellate Civil Information Statement

  45. Affirmation/Affidavit of Service

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